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Gmail seizing users of Polish mail services

Only three in ten Polish online population members use the most popular e-mail services. In Poland, internet users’ number one choice in this respect is They also often use several portals that allow them to communicate via e-mails at the same time.

Gemius has checked how many internet users in Poland opt for the popular mailbox providers and which of them are the most frequent choices. It turns out that, on a monthly basis, they are used by 15 million persons. This translates into seven out of ten Polish online audience members visiting such websites in a month (based on data for January–July 2014).

Gmail on a rise

As the recent data shows (July 2014), majority of internet users in Poland choose The website is visited by over a quarter of all online population (5.8 m). Coming second in the popularity ranking is Gmail (5.1 m), followed by’s mailbox (4.4 m). The analysis shows that over the last 5 years, the number of internet users who go for the most popular Polish e-mail services has decreased, while Gmail recorded a nearly 40 per cent hype (from 17 to 24 per cent). 

More than one mailbox provider

Megapanel, a research project carried out by Gemius and commissioned by PBI, delivers information on who the persons entering a website are. So, who uses the most popular mailbox services? Do some of them happen to visit more than one such website at the same time?

It turns out that the email services provided by enjoy great interest of the online population, regardless of their sex, age and level of education. Despite that fact, it appears that the website is slightly more popular with individuals coming from the northern and north-eastern provinces of the country. What is even more, every fourth person using also goes to Gmail.

The Google’s mailbox enjoys the greatest popularity among 15 to 24 year-olds, internet users declaring at least post-secondary education and large-city dwellers (above 500 thousand inhabitants).

The email services offered by Onet are most favoured by persons older than 35. It is particularly popular with internet users aged 55+. mail is also the choice of persons who graduated from secondary schools or BA holders, and southern Poland inhabitants. Over a fourth (27 per cent) of’s mail users also opt for Gmail and

The analysis only includes data showing the number of internet users who visit websites offering mailbox services. No data on the application of mail user agents, such as Outlook, was taken into account.

The data quoted originates from an international project (gemiusAudience) conducted by Gemius in more than 30 countries. It aims to research into the number and demographic profile of internet users and the manner in which they utilize the web. The study is performed according to Gemius proprietary hybrid methodology and in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR international code of conduct.

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