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#GemiusExperts: How the pandemic changed the behavior of Polish Internet users?

#GemiusExperts: How the pandemic changed the behavior of Polish Internet users?

How consumers habits have changed in case of Internet use during the pandemic? Have new users appeared on the network? What content was the most popular among audience? Which media have lost and which have gained? 

These and other questions will be answered by Aleksandra Załęska, Head Of Audience Department and Gemius Expert, who, together with Marcin Niemczyk (PBI), will conduct reflections on the Internet user in the times of pandemic. How the last months has changed the behavior of Polish internet users? The experts' presentation can be seen during the second day of the IAB Forum, on June 8 at 13:50 (CET).

Consumers in the new reality

During the speech, experts will investigate how consumers' habits have changed when it comes to Internet using during the pandemic. They will check whether the pandemic has attracted new users to the Internet, as well as whether the frequency of using this medium has increased. They will analyze the popularity of content from selected thematic or functional categories and show which ones have gained or lost an audience only for a moment, and for which the use has changed permanently during the pandemic. The speech will be based on data from the Mediapanel study, which for many years has been a reliable source of knowledge, data and information on consumers and users of the Internet, TV and radio. Gemius and PBI product every day helps many market players make the right business decisions.

The last year was a time of dynamic market transformations. Thanks to the data from the Mediapanel study, we are able to present changes based on the same, passively and continuously measured indicators. So there is no more reliable source of information that would be able to answer so comprehensively questions about the constantly changing behavior of consumers who use traditional and digital media - and there have been a lot of such questions and doubts recently! In our speech at the IAB Forum, we will debunk some of the common myths about "pandemic" audience behavior. We also want to inspire participants to use the data to confirm beliefs and truths existing in the public awareness.

- Aleksandra Załęska, Head Of Audience Department, Gemius

Reliable data in times of dynamic transformation is a treasure

The events that we all had to face in the last two years and changes they brought led to a significant transformation not only of the digital world, but of the world in general. Enterprises had to adjust their operation not only in terms of their offer, but also in the way of reaching consumers, methods of retaining employees, and even in planning the acquisition of resources for production or provision of services. Knowledge of the state of society and the accuracy of predicting the upcoming trends has become not only the key to development, but above all an indispensable requirement for survival in the new reality. I am convinced that the coming times will still be full of intensive changes that will require innovative solutions. It is difficult for me to imagine the activities of companies in such turbulent times without in-depth data analysis, related not only to the brand's activities, but also to the behavior of consumers and the environment. So I am glad that Gemius experts have been developing data for 20 years, which is the world's largest research on the Internet and cross-media. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we support clients in their decisions and we are part of their success.

- Jakub Wysoczański, Chief Financial Officer, Head of Global Sales, Gemius

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