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#GemiusBaltic: March 2022 summary #gemiusAudience

#GemiusBaltic: March 2022 summary #gemiusAudience

Comparing March to the shortest month of the year - February, there was an increase in mobile browsing (+18,82%). #GemiusBaltic presents analysis based on gemiusAudience data.

The war in Ukraine, which continues for more than a month, still generates a record levels of media traffic. As the huge amounts of news continues to flow, Lithuanian internet users are searching for reliable information on news websites.

News website was at the top of the list of audited websites (i.e. those that have installed the Gemius measurement script in the website code) by the average daily Real Users metric, in March the website was visited by an average of about 772,000 (+10.02%) of Lithuanian internet users. The second place is occupied by, which last month was visited by 519,000 (+8.39%) internet users every day (by average daily Real Users metric), and the third place is taken by, with 506,000 (+1.06%) daily Real Users on average.

According to this metric, in February, the highest growth was seen on (+34.9%).


Time Share – Internet

When analysing the time share in the TOP25 list of audited websites, we noticed that the highest increases in the total platform noted - +6.03%, - +0.17%, and - +1.19%. Last month, average time spent per user, browsing on all devices on audited websites, was 10 hours. 56 minutes, that is +13.47% more than in February. In March, computer users spent on average of 6 hrs. 08 minutes. (+4.16%), while mobile users spent 7 hrs. 42 min. (+18,82%).


Real Users

Last month, had the highest increase in the TOP25 list of audited websites in terms of Real Users considering all platforms: (+18.31%) - total platform, (+14.97%) - PC platform and mobile platform (+18.85%), which includes phones and tablets. In March, more than 1 million 914 thousand Lithuanian internet users (+0.51%) on total platform were browsing on the audited websites. More than 1 million 310 thousand (-0.89%) of Lithuanian internet users browsed on computers and 1 million 675 thousand (+2.70%) on mobile devices.


Page Views

Last month, website reached the highest growth in the TOP25 list of audited websites on Page Views metric considering all platforms (+37%). In March, audited websites on all platforms (total) generated more Page Views (+5.13%) than in February - 1 billion 216 million. Page Views generated by computers were equal 288 million (-2.46%). Meanwhile, Page Views generated on mobile devices were 928 million which is +7.73% more than in February. In terms of Page Views per User on the audited websites, number of Page Views generated last month on all devices on the total platform increased +4,60%. Page Views per User generated on computers increased +1.58%. Meanwhile, Page Views per User generated on mobile devices increased by +4.90% compared to previous month.


About gemiusAudience

gemiusAudience sets a new standard in the presentation of Internet media usage data, competition monitoring, media and campaign planning. Our solution provides you with a dependable source of information and reliable benchmarking of your activity amid your competitors. On the online landscape quick reaction is the key to success and now, with gemiusAudience, you can make better business decisions based on the real digital trends!  

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