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Gemius wins in Turkey

Gemius has won a tender to be the provider of online audience measurement services in Turkey. This is another Gemius success for the current year. The company has previously won tenders in Poland and Czechia, as well as the prestigious European internet industry’s IAB Research Award.

In the last week of July, IAB Turkey, the industry organisation which decides the official provider of internet studies for the local market, announced the results of their tender. Once again, Gemius won the tender, which is issued for a defined period.

What makes the company’s solutions so exceptional? Gemius will provide Turkish clients with data showing reach across all devices or for specific types (PC, tablet, smartphone) as well as day-to-day data updates on users’ Internet use (i.e. Monday's data provided on Tuesday, Tuesday's data provided on Wednesday, and so on).

This means that publishers, media houses, advertisers and advertising agencies in Turkey will have a full overview of how different types of internet users use the web, from desktop and mobile sites to apps and multimedia, including their breakdown by device type, and all on a daily and monthly basis. The quality of Gemius’ research methodology is attested to not only by its recent tender wins in Czechia and Poland, but also by two IAB Europe awards (IAB Research Awards Lisbon 2016, Berlin 2015).

But that’s not all the news from the Turkish market. Gemius is also teaming up with Nielsen. For the past year, both companies have been working on the development of research methodologies to integrate online media data with traditional media data (television). The collaboration will enable thorough market analyses from the perspective of cross-media measurement.

- Cross-media measurement is the answer to the needs of the media market as we observe an ever-closer interplay of television and the Internet. The first step is behind us, as during the past year and a half Gemius has been working really hard to develop an infrastructure and methodology to allow us to adjust online audience measurement to the TV research unit – daily reach - says Vesna Gordon, a member of the Board of Directors and responsible for business development. Joining forces with Nielsen is a natural choice as both companies are strong in their own fields. With such synergy, we are able to reach our goal - to bring the online market closer to the bigger offline ecosystem of marketing research and media planning - Gordon adds.

In the fight for the status of Turkey’s official provider of internet studies, Gemius defeated rivals from all over the world.

Idil Kesten, the head of Gemius in Turkey, said of the win:

- It is an honour for Gemius to be selected for the third time in a row as the Turkish digital advertising market standard. Turkey has always been on the list of priorities for Gemius, as the company believes in the fascinating opportunities and challenging speed of its market. In order to contribute to the growth and adapt to the fast speed of the digital industry, Gemius has announced its revolutionary audience measurement feature, Overnight, to measure online publishers right after the day ends. This means that digital professionals will be able to receive daily market data as they start up their computer or grab their first coffee! This is the end of an era when marketers needed to wait a month to see monthly data results. We strongly believe that such a Big Data revolution will help to optimise marketing dollars and allow the digital industry to better compete with TV. In particular, digital video players will be able to understand the “incremental reach” of digital broadcasts created as an add-on to a TV broadcast.

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Vesna Gordon (Zakarič)

Chief Sales Officer at Gemius

Gemius expert in online and offline business analytics and research. As a manager,  Vesna is dedicated to business knowledge development around Gemius technology and establishing new industry practices based on the company’s previous experience, with a focus on clients and market needs.

At Gemius, as CSO and member of the Board of Directors, she is responsible for sales and business processes in general, improving the existing and developing new go-to-market models. 

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