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Gemius single-source study for online and TV campaigns

Gemius single-source study for online and TV campaigns

At Interact 2018 (Milan) and IAB Forum (Warsaw), Gemius presented initial findings from its TV and online audience study conducted on the same group of viewers. The study allows for a comprehensive analysis of total reach of television and online media advertising campaigns.

It is the first single source cross-media study in Poland to cover advertising campaigns present both, on TV and on the Internet (online conducted on personal computers and mobile devices including mobile apps). The study is based on Gemius’ proprietary methodology gemiusAdReal, which measures how the Internet users view online advertising (Gemius received the IAB Europe award for the best research project of 2017).

ꟷ In 2017, global digital ad spending exceeded TV, for the first time in history. Digital and TV combined constituted 76 per cent of global advertising expenditure, and thus have become the most important marketing communication channels ꟷ comments Marta Sułkiewicz, Chief Sales Officer at Gemius. ꟷ The advertising market calls for a real cross platform measurement that would allow comparison between online and TV reach. At Gemius, we want to satisfy this urgent need by implementing our single-source study measuring ads broadcast on TV and displayed online ꟷ clarifies Sułkiewicz.

Initial findings from the new Gemius study were discussed with experts in the advertising and media industry and presented at the Interact Congress in Milan in May 2018 and then in Warsaw during the biggest digital marketing conference in Poland, IAB Forum.

Watching TV with a phone in their hand

Gemius explored how many hours on average different groups of users spend in front of their computers, smartphones and finally, TV screens. In the case of television, the study covered four biggest Polish TV channels, i.e. Polsat, TVN, TVP1 and TVP2. Their most loyal audiences spend on average 95 hours per month watching TV and 58 hours browsing the Internet on their smartphones. It is the group that is most active on mobile devices and at the same time has the shortest time of Internet usage on PCs. Occasional viewers of the aforementioned TV stations, however, spend much more time browsing the Internet using their PCs.

More time on Facebook than YouTube

The new single-source Gemius study covers mobile devices, including Facebook and YouTube apps. It turns out that Facebook heavy users are also the most frequent visitors of the biggest video sharing platform owned by Google. If they spend less time using Facebook app, the same usually applies to them using YouTube app.

ꟷ The study confirmed what is already a popular belief on the market: smartphones are devices accompanying us from dawn until dusk, even while watching TV. Consequently, the group of users who tend to spend most time watching TV also spend the most time using social media and entertainment apps. At the same time, individuals who do not rely heavily on television, spend less time with their mobile apps too. This is the case for both Facebook and YouTube apps. This is a group of people who are hard to reach through television and mobile advertising. Still, marketers might try to reach them through advertising on their PCs ꟷ concludes Marta Sułkiewicz.

Gemius commenced its single-source study efforts last year.

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