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Four benefits of auditing websites

Why does it pay for e-publishers to audit their websites in the gemiusAudience study? What advantages can this solution offer to advertisers planning an online campaign? The answers can be found in the latest Gemius guide.

A number of indicators are useful for accounts between publishers and advertisers. One of these is the number of real users of a website. This indicator, introduced by Gemius, is used in the gemiusAudience survey. Due to innovative methodology, it shows how many internet users actually visited a particular website, rather than just the number of cookies generated by users (unique users). Knowing the number of real users of a website is beneficial primarily for e-publishers and advertisers implementing online campaigns.

E-publishers increase revenue

Online publishers strive to achieve the most favourable sales for advertising space on their websites. The gemiusAudience study helps with this. It shows, among other things, the number and socio-demographic profile of users of websites, mobile applications and audio-video players. With this data, e-publishers are able not only to analyse the popularity of their own sites, but also to compare performance with competitors and to determine their place in the market. As a result, the published data helps website publishers to value and sell advertising space more profitably.

Advertisers optimize online campaign costs

In turn, advertisers who are planning to carry out an advertising campaign online want to optimize budgets for this purpose, to effectively convey the message to consumers from the selected target group at the lowest cost. Thanks to data from gemiusAudience, advertisers can make more effective choices for their advertising campaign emission channels.

The four main benefits of auditing websites

The results of gemiusAudience include all websites with major coverage, regardless of whether the site’s owner placed a site-centric script in the page’s source code, thereby including it in the audit. However, some e-publishers have opted for this solution. Why? They were prompted by the four main benefits of website auditing.

1. A more accurate number of users for a given website

Owners of websites who paste the auditing script directly into the website’s source code receive more accurate data on the number of visitors to this site than those whose websites do not contain the script. Without the script, number of users is based only on a research panel data estimate.

It should be noted that data on the number of users of audited and unaudited websites can be compared. This is not possible only in relation to page views, time and cookies, because without the audit script in the source code these indicators are not presented.

2. Greater data stability

Websites with the measuring script in their source code are characterized by considerable data stability. Meanwhile, for unaudited sites, due to the fact that they are only estimates, data tends to be more volatile from month to month.

3. A greater number of indicators

The viewership of websites that undergo site-centric auditing is described using more indicators than that of unaudited sites. This is due to the fact that Gemius takes care to publish reliable results. For websites without the auditing script in the source code, the viewership is presented only according to the number of real users and the derived indicators, i.e.: reach, fit of users, affinity index, user participation and viewer duplication.

Meanwhile, the owners of audited websites can also measure viewership by page views, time and cookies (also divided into mobile and non-mobile) – and this is regardless of whether their website was visited by the minimum number of panellists (i.e. 45) for data on the number of users to be visible.

4. Possibilities for auditing besides websites

In addition to websites, Gemius covers site-centric auditing for PC applications, mobile applications and audio-video players, making it easier for e-publishers to monetize all channels where their content is available.

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