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Europeans dating online,,,, and are the most popular dating sites in Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Denmark. Read more on online dating.

Valentine’s Day, observed on 14 February, is a good occasion to reveal your feelings to a sweetheart. Today, the search for the other half is often done online, also on dating websites. Gemius has decided to check which of them enjoy the greatest popularity in six countries where the company conducts local and global websites’ measurement. The analysis included data from the period between November 2013 and November 2014 and concerned internet users aged 18–69.

It turns out that:

  • In Russia in November 2014 the most popular dating site was, which recorded 5.36 m visits (7.5 per cent). The second most favourite was (4.02 m; 5.7 per cent), and as number three came, which noted four times larger interest (2.47 m; 3.5 per cent) than just a year before in the same period (0.58 m; 0.9 per cent).
  • The most popular dating website in Poland is In November 2014 it was visited by 1.06 m internet users (6 per cent). Next comes with 0.79 m entries (4.5 per cent). Just a year ago, the latter was not even included in the raking. From February till November 2014 it noted a nearly five-fold increase in internet users’ interest (from 0.17 m; 1 proc.). The third most popular is, with 0.69 m visits (3.9 per cent).
  • is the dating website that in November 2014 enjoyed the greatest popularity among this kind of sites in Romania. It got 0.51 m visits at that time (6 per cent). One year earlier, in the analogous period, there were 0.59 m internet users’ entries (7.1 per cent). In the second position among the most popular dating websites by the number of visitors came (0.44 m; 5.1 per cent), and third was (0.37 m; 4.4 per cent).
  • In Hungary, the most popular dating website was In November 2014 it noted 0.27 m internet users’ visits (5.5 per cent). The website first appeared in the ranking in October 2014. It then recorded 0.22 m visits (4.7 per cent). The second position was taken by (0.18 m; 3.7 per cent), and third by (0.1 m, 2 per cent).
  • is the most popular dating website among Ukrainian internet users. In November 2014 it got 0.58 m visits from internet users (3.4 per cent). In Ukraine, two other dating websites are greatly popular: and The former recorded 0.56 m Ukrainian internet uses (3.3 per cent), the latter 0.43 m (2.5 per cent).
  • If a Danish internet user visits a dating website, it will most often be In November 2014 the website attracted 0.12 m internet users (3.3 per cent). This was the best result obtained by the website within the last year. The other most popular Danish websites are and (0.04 m users; 1 per cent, each).

About the research

The data comes from gemiusAudience, an international research project conducted by Gemius in over 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It aims to determine the number and demographic profile of internet users and to learn about the ways in which they use the net: websites, audio and video material, or applications. The research is carried out in compliance with the international code of conduct ICC/ESOMAR.

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