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E-stores comparing performance

A new solution has emerged in the Polish e-commerce, providing accurate information of a type so far remaining beyond reach. The success factor is a sufficient sample of the small, medium and large market players alike. Both the membership and access to results are free. As many as 800 stores have joined the research, after just a few months after the platform became operational.

With no precedence on a global scale, gemiusShopMonitor is an entirely new solution offering e-commerce enterprises accurate information on their market position compared to the surrounding business environment. The comparative analysis facilitated by the tool meets two key business requirements. First, it ensures security of the financial results or sales figures information. Second, it takes into account a number of indicators and categories and then analyses them in a manner far more precise and comprehensive than any other solution available on the market.

Confidentiality of data and aggregated picture of the market

In contrast to other analytical online tools, gemiusShopMonitor ensures full security and confidentiality of data about every member company. This is one of the main factors contributing to the high recognition the service enjoys among its clients. In such solutions as the widely known Google Analytics, the submitted data becomes the property of the analytical platform owner (so that it remains at the disposal of Google). Gemius does not take control of the data concerning any of the participants. All information stays with the client. The members – clients – may rest assured about the confidentiality of the data and the fact that it will only be published in an aggregated form and in a manner making any identification impossible.

Comparison with business environment

In keeping with the analytical standard followed in other industries, Gemius – as the developer of the research service – assumes the role of the project moderator. Through its online panel, the company enables the clients to perform analysis of their own position against their business environment (the remainder of the market on which they operate). The mechanism employed in the procedure renders identification of any of the participating company impossible. Even if a participant works in a very small niche, the results are generated with appropriate generalization. This guarantees anonymity to all entities, while delivering accurate benchmarking and offering the possibility to use the analysis in an effective way.

The online panel made accessible to every research participant allows for analysis of trends by a number of indicators. Not only does it enable one to observe the fluctuations taking place in time – confronted with results for the rest of the market – but also to draw conclusions on: the changing position of the company, its actual potential, the way the market heads, etc. The methodology used by Gemius provides a broad variety of research possibilities. Ranging from the current market position in terms of sales volume or profit generated, through shifts in market positions of a narrow product or service categories, to assessment of the solutions implemented on the e-store website. Comparative analysis becomes possible by unifying product categories. E-store owners who enrol in the research define the categories of their products for the research company, which then unifies and places them in the appropriate tree of categories.

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