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E-commerce: Electronics and clothing top the December charts

E-commerce: Electronics and clothing top the December charts

Electronics and clothing – the online shops stocking them enjoyed the greatest popularity in December online shopping. Last year, 71 per cent of internet users went e-shopping, while five years ago the figure was 63 per cent. Find out more in the latest Gemius online measurement study.

Gemius has looked into the most popular types of online shops among Polish internet users. This analysis details traffic at online shops in December in the years 2011–2015.

'The growing popularity of online shops is a trend which will only strengthen. More and more people are being persuaded towards this type of shopping – trust in payment methods is building and buying online has become entirely natural,' says Marek Molicki, regional manager at Gemius. 'Internet shopping sites are being visited by ever younger shoppers who frequently already have access to non-cash payment methods, such as credit cards. And older and older internet users are also opening up to buying on the web. M-commerce is becoming more popular, as is multichanelling, i.e. commencing a purchase on one device and finalising it on another,' adds Molicki.

Electronics top the ‘net

Over the past five Decembers the greatest success has gone to shops selling household appliances, audiovisual equipment, electronics, photographic equipment and computers. In the analysed months these were visited by an average 33.3 per cent of internet users. Also popular were clothing stores (29 per cent) and department stores (28.8 per cent). Least popular were online shops dealing in erotica (1.2 per cent) and flowers (0.5 per cent).

E-perfumeries on the rise

Studying the December e-shopping preferences of Poles, outlets with perfumes and cosmetics have most increased their popularity in recent years – in December 2011 they were visited by 4.1 per cent of users, while five years later that figure was more than three times greater, at 13.8 per cent of internet users.

Books, music and films on the slide

Christmas shopping online in 2011 attracted one in four internet users (26.1 per cent) to e-shops with books, music and films, while last year it was one in five (22.6 per cent). In 2015 Poles were less willing than five years ago to stop by at shops selling weapons and militaria – a drop from 3.2 per cent in December 2011 to 2 per cent in December 2015.

'The change in purchasing of music and films is due in very large part to their availability via streaming. Rather than selling DVD box sets and CD packs, companies in the music and film sector are providing us with codes or selling us subscriptions to access their products. And the preferences of the youngest group of gift recipients are changing too – children no longer see their presents as having to be physical objects. Access to online games or the ability to buy gadgets for a virtual hero are treated on a par with receiving a traditional present, and often as being even more attractive,' explains professor Grzegorz Mazurek, head of post-graduate studies in internet marketing at Kozminski University.

December purchases one year ago

As shown by Gemius data, in the last month of 2015 almost three quarters of internet users visited e-shopping sites. The greatest success was enjoyed by electronics (38.9 per cent) and clothing (36.9 per cent), and the least by flowers (1 per cent) and militaria (2 per cent).

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