2016-02-08 09:52

Curiosities of the week: sponges, Colin McRae and The Lion King

What interesting things can you find online this week? Sometimes we might miss out on interesting information or fashionable applications. For those who like to keep up with the trends, Dominik Wieprzowski, Gemius business analyst, has prepared a set of articles that are definitely worth a read.

The curiosities of the week series is a round-up of useful or useless (either way, very interesting) news from the Internet. For those who missed the last episode, it can still be found on our website. Here we have the next helping of interesting news.

When you think of the most boring and monotonous activities, what comes to mind? The creators of the game Desert Bus seem to have answered this question by creating the game considered the most boring in the history of the entertainment industry.

A flash point for the latest discussion on the topic of ‘console vs. PC’. Fans of the two platforms are constantly battling to show the superiority of one over the other. An article poured fuel on the fire by explaining why the option of simultaneous games between PC and console users will probably never be possible.

Are the sponges that you can buy in shops man-made, or are they made of real sea sponge? You’ll find out in this article. I recommend the entire website, which is a treasure chest of knowledge on the subject of the origins of various products.

Can you see yourself behind the wheel of a rally car, speeding along the most difficult routes in Europe amid the crunch of gravel, the roar of the engine and all the other noises associated with the taxing journey? If so, you can learn basic driving techniques from Colin McRae himself.

Finally, why is it sometimes worth trusting the freshness and ingenuity of people just starting out on a project? The success of The Lion King is in large part attributed to the fact that the majority of experienced animators focused on Pocahontas, while The Lion King itself was created by a relatively new team. The details of this interesting case are provided on Wikipedia.

The next serving of curiosities is coming soon!

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