2016-01-21 09:05

Curiosities of the week: Powerball, cartoons and Edward Snowden

What interesting things can you find online this week? Sometimes we might miss out on interesting information or fashionable applications. For those who like to keep up with the trends, Dominik Wieprzowski, Gemius business analyst, has prepared a set of articles that are definitely worth a read.

USD 1.6 billion – that was the jackpot of the latest Powerball lottery. Following recent changes, jackpots in the most popular American lottery have been reaching astronomical sizes. There was no winner for the USD 800 million jackpot from the previous round, meaning the jackpot exceeded a billion dollars for the first time in history. According to the latest information, three people selected the winning numbers, so the jackpot will be shared between them.

After many, many years, London has finally returned to its old population figures. The previous state, from 1939, has only just been reached again. If you want to learn more about the causes of depopulation in London since 1939 (as well as in the post-war years) and the slow return to its glory days, you can't miss this article.

Can we learn something from children's cartoons? Contrary to popular belief, we can. Find out the depth of meaning that can be transferred in extremely simple words.

This is a collection of articles describing what skills you need to succeed at work and at home. I highly recommend reading most of the articles in this collection – even if you disagree with their message, it's worth discovering a point of view that can shed a completely new perspective on our lives.

 Despite the warrant for his arrest, Edward Snowden has appeared at a conference in Las Vegas, and all thanks to new technology. The robot he used during his presentation served as an interesting lesson for the FBI, who showed a keen interest in the whole thing.

And finally, something to arouse the taste buds.

The next serving of curiosities is coming soon!

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