2016-01-11 08:27

Curiosities of the week: Netflix, Big Data and David Beckham

What interesting things can you find online this week? Sometimes we might miss out on interesting information or fashionable applications. For those who like to keep up with the trends, Dominik Wieprzowski, Gemius business analyst, has prepared a set of articles that are definitely worth a read.

Let's start with one of the most important facts – Netflix is now available in Poland and other countries in Europe – the company has announced its entry onto other global markets. Netflix is an online television network offering their services to millions of internet users around the world, and allowing access to an incredible database of films and series. Prices (in Poland) start from EUR 7.99, and more information about what's on offer can be found on this website.

Predictions for the upcoming year is currently a hot topic. The latest to take on this subject is Amy Webb – founder and CEO of Webbmedia Group. Want to know what to pay particular attention to? Read the article on algorithmic personality detection, backdoors and drones.

For fans of data visualization – a simple (yet very interesting) graph showing the influence of films in relation to their production budgets. Find out which film made the most profit in comparison to money spent.

Did you know that, while bears may misbehave, they are also wise animals? Just look at this picture.

The topic of Big Data will be widely exploited this year – if you want to stay up-to-date, you should read the most interesting items on the subject. Here's the latest – it contains slightly less pure data and methodology, and talks more about foundations, making it relevant even for less 'technical' people.

On the Internet, the belief is spreading that the scale of user tracking by Microsoft and Windows 10 is increasing. It seems that the product also transmits information about the various processes running on your computer, including gaming and streaming services. Want to know more? There you go.

Sports trivia – Alex Ferguson, besides being an amazing coach, was distinguished by his specific methods and somewhat old-fashioned approach to certain things. One of the manifestations of this approach was his attitude towards the professional appearance of his players. Read how David Beckham was forced to change his hairstyle to be allowed on the pitch.

And finally, a bit of world trivia (some of you may have heard this already) – a social campaign in Norway proposed marking the centenary of Finland's independence by giving the Scandinavian country a mountain. You can find more information about this gift on the website of The Independent.

The next serving of curiosities is coming soon!

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