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Computer versus smartphone and tablet. How do we browse websites?

In which countries do people prefer to browse on devices other than personal computers? Check out the analysis prepared by Gemius.

Although people often use smartphones or tablets to browse websites, the majority of online traffic is still generated by computers. However, data from Gemius shows that, in 2015, the trend for traffic originating from other devices was maintained in the majority of Central and East European countries.

Note: The data presented here relates only to website browsing and does not include applications installed on smartphones, tablets and other devices (consoles, TVs, DVD/ Blue Ray players).

Ukraine is outside the general trend

The general changes over the year are nothing spectacular. Although the share of mobile devices in generating hits is growing, the growth rate in 2015 was not particularly fast. According to Gemius data, the biggest increase in mobile traffic was recorded in Croatia. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, traffic from tablets and smartphones has declined since January 2015, with just 4.3 per cent of traffic coming from mobile devices.

Croatia has the highest mobile traffic

According to Gemius data from December 2015, internet users in Croatia generated the most mobile traffic (38.8 per cent). Next in the ranking were Slovakia (24.3 per cent) and Hungary (22.5 per cent). The other countries whose internet users generate more than 20 per cent of traffic from tablets and smartphones are Poland (20.7 per cent) and Slovenia (20.5 per cent).

In the other analysed countries, mobile traffic does not exceed 20 per cent. The Czech Republic (15.5 per cent) and Belarus (10.6 percent) are still a long way ahead of Ukraine – the only one of the analysed countries in which traffic has not only remained below 5 per cent, but has also fallen since January 2015.

About the gemiusTraffic study

The data comes from a study on traffic on websites (gemiusTraffic), which Gemius is carrying out in more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (combined data for Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the Palestinian National Authority). The data is collected through tracking scripts embedded in the code of websites involved in the study.

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