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Clothing Industry increased marketing activities

Announced in March epidemic status in Poland has brought many restrictions to business which forced some companies to modify their marketing strategy. Gemius analyzed how advertising activities changed in the top industries within a six weeks (from February 10th to March 22nd).

The industry that has been the most negatively affected by the recent time was obviously Tourism. The data show that tourist companies reduced the amount of emitted advertisements dramatically – the decrease between 16th and 22nd March was equal to 37% in relation to preceding week and 13% on average over six analyzed weeks. Surprisingly, the Pharmaceutical industry also remained less active in terms of advertising. However, brands offering household products (equipment, furniture and decorations), computer hardware and audio-video, as well as beverages and alcohol increased their marketing communications. The biggest growth of the cross-media campaigns was observed in Clothing and accessories industry – 12% in relation to preceding week and 19% on average for the whole analyzed period.

Source: gemiusAdReal. The data show the average dynamics between 7th and 12th week of the current year and the difference in percentage of volume of the campaigns carried out between 16th and 22nd March in relation to preceding week.

Taking into consideration daily ads emission volumes, the Clothing and accessories industry recorded over two-fold increase of ad contacts: 663 milllion in the first week of the analyzed period and 1.3 billion in the last week. The result was mostly achieved thanks to the huge share of mobile devices which was 81% of gemiusAdReal population (about 28 million people) in the analyzed period. This number is equal to 22.8 million Real Users.

Sources: gemiusAdReal

The rest of the media types (TV, PC and radio) upbuilt the reach of the Clothing and accessories sector and increased it by 12 percentage point. The total reach of the industry between February 10th and March 22nd was 93% which is 26 million Real Users.

Source: gemiusAdReal

It turned out that more intense advertising activities in this industry was accompanied by the growing interest in the e-commers selling clothing and shoes. In the period of six analyzed weeks, the number of Real Users visiting top 10 stores (in terms of number of views) increased by 1.5 million and the number of views increased by 55.1 million.

Among sites with the biggest number of pageviews during the week March 16th to March 22nd appeared:


In some of the cases mentioned above, there is a clear convergence between advertisement activities and increased activity among users on the e-commers websites. This correlation is clear visible in case of brands belonging to the LPP Group – Reserved, Sinsay and Mohito. All of them increased marketing communication by promoting new collections in March.

All three brands noted a significant growth in the number of Real Users and views generated form March 16th to March 22nd so basically at the time of the most intense advertising activities.

Clothing stores, which recorded particularly high number of pageviews, include brands selling shoes: CCC and In the gemiusAdReal they belong to “Trade” category so they did not increase volume of Clothing industry campaigns, however in this case enhanced promotional activities in March are noticed as well.

Both brands CCC and noted evident sharp rise in number of views and Real Users in the last two analyzed weeks.

Currently consumers are not able to fulfill their purchasing needs stationary and the only solution is to move to the online world. – comments Katarzyna Binert, E-commers Manager at Gemius – Clothing stores pay huge rents to shopping malls so they strive to minimize the losses resulting from the current restrictions and try to encourage consumers to make online purchases. Marketers prepare numerous of special offers dedicated to new and current clients, and then advertise them through digital channels.



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