2013-09-05 10:12

Clicks on banners scarce

The standard Banner remains the most popular advertising format in CEE, but the highest average CTR is noted for Preroll, Toplayer and Interstitial – Gemius research shows.

The standard banner is used in 84 per cent of all online campaigns run in Central and East Europe. A large share of this type of ads was observed in Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Lithuania. Standard banners are also frequently used in Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The only exceptions are Poland and Ukraine, where the share of advertisements making use of this format in all campaigns served in that time is lower than the entire region’s average (i.e. 84 per cent).

It turns out, however, that it is not the standard banner formats but rather cutting edge solutions such as Preroll, Toplayer or Interstital that are most eagerly clicked on by internet users. In Ukraine, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria the highest average CTR (Average Click Through Rate) – or the averaged ratio of the number of displays to the ad clicks – was recorded for Preroll. Toplayer, in turn, came as the most frequently clicked on format on the Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian and Latvian markets, whereas Interstital in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. An exception to this rule is Hungary, where the highest average CTR was noted for Wallpaper type of ads.

The analysis involved online advertising campaigns which were monitored by Gemius in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary. The ranking list includes data concerning second half of 2012.

The above data originates from gemiusAdMonitor, a comprehensive report on the most popular advertising formats, most frequently advertised industries and trends in mobile advertising, covering 12 countries of Central and East Europe. It is based on gemiusDirectEffect, Gemius online advertising campaigns effectiveness measurement and AdOcean, Gemius ad serving tool to manage the advertising space.

Click here to download the AdMonitor report.

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