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Breakthroughs in Polish VoD in 2016

Breakthroughs in Polish VoD in 2016

What changes did 2016 bring to VoD? Krzysztof Zieliński, Partner Business Manager at Gemius answers this question.

Event of the year 

After the Ice Bucket Challenge we now have: The Mannequin Challenge. A less invasive, more engaging and group-oriented phenomenon.

Success of the year 

The greatest beneficiary of an internet campaign in 2016 was Donald Trump. At the beginning of the year, his chances were slight, while in September video materials of him leaded in viewership rankings over that of his rival for the presidential seat. The internet campaign promoted him to the presidency of the United States – it is hard to imagine a better measure of success. 

Failure of the year 

The new trend of looped six-second films promoted by the Vine website and app failed to win over internet users. In Poland monetisation of VoD continued to be difficult, as exemplified by withdrawing from the use of paid content. Incorrectly calculated average viewing times for video clips on Facebook were a reminder that closed ecosystems that hinder auditing do not allow for transparent reporting on publishers’ effectiveness.

Campaign of the year

The “Polska zmienia się w słuch” (Poland is all ears) campaign marking International day of the deaf. The campaign involved a hearing person, a presenter or a celebrity changing places with a sign-language translator. The dynamism and coherence of the idea helped break stereotypes and showed that the world of video is also available for the deaf.

Trend of the year 

The most interesting trend of 2016 in Poland was online publishers expanding their range to include TV. This relates to the WP Group, ZPR and Agora. Their plans currently revolve around trying to obtain 1 per cent of the viewership of TV. We will see how TV–digital synergy is exploited.

Forecast for 2017

Progressive synergy between TV and the Internet. The new single-source study of audiovisual media (TV–internet–mobile) which may revolutionise communication strategies on the video market.


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Krzysztof Zieliński

Partner Business Manager at Gemius

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