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Blogs and news on Hungarian smartphones and tablets

In Hungary, over a half of mobile internet users are aged 20–39. Fiftysomethings are the age group who spend the largest amount of time browsing the Hungarian web via mobile devices – a Gemius analysis shows.

Who are the Hungarians surfing the country’s websites with mobile devices? How different are they from the fixed-line users? Gemius has decided to check that by analysing results of a research project the company conducts in Hungary. What have the analysts discovered?

Men stay longer on mobile web

The September 2014 data shows that the Hungarian online population aged above 15 is 5.15 million. Four out of ten users who visit Hungarian websites opt for the mobile internet (1,7 m). It is almost equally popular among men (0.89 m) and women (0.85 m), but men use the local mobile internet nearl twice as long (on average 2 hrs 1 min per month) as women (on average1 hr 11 min a month).

50 year olds stay on mobile internet the longest

The analysis shows that the older the internet users, the more time they tend to spend on Hungarian websites via their mobile devices. The largest amount of online time (on average 2 hrs 12 min a month) was recorded for individuals aged 50-59. On the other hand, users aged 15 to 19 use the mobile internet the least amount of time, i.e. 53 min in a month.

Blogs and news most popular

The data shows that in Hungary, among the local mobile versions of websites, the most popular one is the blogging platform, which is visited by almost every third smartphone and tablets user (590 thousand online individuals). Also mobile versions of news websites enjoy considerable interest of the Hungarian users: (540 thousand), (470 thousand), (430 thousand) and (380 thousand).

Young people are more eager to use the mobile internet

Every third Hungarian internet user who connects the web with portable devices is between 20 and 29 years old. For comparison: fixed-line internet is used by every fifth representative of that age group.

The data quoted originates from an international project (gemiusAudience) conducted by Gemius in more than 30 countries. It aims to research into the number and demographic profile of internet users and the manner in which they utilize the web. The study is performed according to Gemius proprietary hybrid methodology and in accordance with the ICC/ESOMAR international code of conduct.

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