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A new approach to marketing communication

Read about trends in marketing communication in the interview with Joanna Skierska, president of the Polish branch of Gemius, for the magazine ‘Law Business Quality’.

Do you agree with the opinion that the marketing communication model based on maximizing coverage is no longer functional?

Indeed, in marketing communication – especially online – the market is currently based on quality, not quantity. Advertisers are more and more aware of reaching a particular, targeted audience because doing so is more effective and economical than focussing on mass reach. This change has been made possible by the development of new technologies. They enable the most attractive group of e-consumers, from the advertiser’s point of view, to be identified and reached directly with an optimal marketing message. The key is the fact that modern solutions allow you to identify not only the gender, age and place of residence of internet users, but also how they consume media – their behaviour, interests and preferred communication channels.

How do modern technological solutions support the qualitative approach to marketing communication?

They allow the accumulation of a huge amount of data about internet users and the ways in which they use the internet. A profile of a potential consumer can be formed on the basis of this information. It takes into account socio-demographic characteristics, as well as content searched for, amount of time spent on a particular website and frequency of returns to specific pages and sections. This enables precise user segmentation and the behavioural targeting of marketing messages, adjusting the content, form and channel of the message distribution to a specific audience, on the basis of behavioural models. Commercially available analytical solutions also allow the constant monitoring of the effectiveness of advertising and revisions can be made according to results achieved.

For companies operating online, what are the other benefits of gaining knowledge on how the internet is used by e-consumers?

It facilitates the creation of a valuable, in-depth relationship with the consumer, translating into a conversion, because the more we know about the recipient, the easier it is to get them to interact. You can create a personalized message addressed to a single recipient, as well as perform retargeting. Building effective marketing communication nowadays is also the result of collaboration between advertisers and publishers, which allows messages to be embedded in their optimal contexts. It takes into account a potential consumer’s interests and preferred times of day for using the internet, among other things. All of this translates into the cost optimization of promotion activities and the maximization of results.

You’re saying that specific internet users can be reached by collecting and analysing a massive amount of data. Is that easy for companies operating online?

Building marketing communication based on analytical data, of course, requires knowledge about how to interpret the data, but many of the available tools are equipped with the functionality to streamline that process considerably. Some entrepreneurs successfully implement such actions using internal resources, while others benefit from the help of firms specializing in collecting and interpreting data. Regardless of the chosen model, it is worth remembering that a thorough understanding of potential consumers and their tastes is crucial nowadays for planning effective marketing communication. The next step is simply to implement a strategy developed on the basis of reliable data.

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