2020-07-06 12:40

Mobile applications race for customers in the pandemic time.

During pandemic the reality has changed dramatically making our everyday life even more digital-dependent than it was before. A home has become an epicenter of our live, as a place for both working and leisure time spending. This change naturally resulted in a growth of mobile devices and online services usage that make our remote work easier and offer us entertainment without leaving home.

When pandemic turned our homes into offices, video conferencing applications became more popular than ever before. Gemius analyzed recent data about mobile applications consumption in Turkey to present how their increasing popularity has been reflected in numbers and reach. In Turkey the most popular video conference application in May was Skype with 5,6 million real users. Comparing to the reach in in January the application gained 2,5 million of new users. The second most popular video conferencing platform during pandemic was Google Hangouts which increased their reach by 1,4 million of new online customers since the beginning of 2020. Zoom, that noted the lowest number of real users among analyzed mobile applications, at the same time had absolutely the biggest increase in reach when comparing numbers from January and May. The application reach has grown by 20 times in only five months, form 200 thousand real users in January to 3,7 million real users in May! Zoom undeniably has taken the opportunity to acquire a new customers during the auspicious pandemic time.


Among mobile applications that offer entertainment, Gemius analyzed the most popular ones in Turkey, like Netflix, Spotify and TikTok. The analysis revealed that the biggest interest in May noted TikTok reaching almost 14 million real users. However, mobile application with the biggest reach increase in May, comparing to January, is Spotify. The music app almost doubled its reach, scoring 9,3 million users in May. Netflix also raised numbers of its customers, increasing the reach by 1,3 times (4,7 million in January comparing to 6,1 million in May).



Weather the pandemic has changed internet users behavior for a good or are we observe only temporary trend? The answer for this question you will be able to find in the Gemius data after some time.



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