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#GemiusBaltic: July 2022 summary #gemiusAudience

#GemiusBaltic: July 2022 summary #gemiusAudience

In July, Gemius Baltic introduced the gemiusAudience research update, which made Lithuania the first country in the Baltics which use the Constant Panel methodology and replace gemiusExplorer with the E.gemius tool. Which websites were the most poular in Lithuania in July 2022? Read our analysis based on #gemiusAudience data.

Average daily Real Users

The news website is at the top of the list of audited websites (i.e. those that have installed the Gemius measurement script in the website code), in terms of the average number of daily Real Users, with an average of around 627 000 visitors per day. The second place was taken by, which was visited on average by 496,000 daily Real Users last month, and the third place was taken by, with an average of 440,000 daily Real Users.

According to these metrics, in July, almost 300 000 internauts surfed on computers on average every day, over 1 000 000 - on smartphones/tablets and over 1 100 000 on all devices.


Average Time Spent (ATS)

Last month, the ATS per user browsing on all devices on the audited websites was 7 hours 36 minutes. The ATS spent on computer browsing in July was 4 hours 15 minutes, while mobile users spent 6 hours and 4 minutes on it.

The average time spent per user on the audited websites in July was 7 hours 43 minutes. According to this indicator, internet users spent the most time on the news portal - 2 hours 46 minutes, news and entertainment website - 1 hour 51 min. and the transport classifieds website - 1 hour 48 min.


Real Users

In July 2022, more than 1 million 783 thousand Lithuanian internet users browsed the total platform of the audited websites. More than 1 million 156 thousand of them used computers and 1 million 430 thousand - mobile devices. Last month, the Top 5 news websites in terms of Real Users were,,, and



In July 2022, the total number of views generated by the audited websites on the common platform across all devices (total) was 1 billion 38 million. Page views generated on computers were - 220 million and page views generated on mobile devices were 817 million. Last month, the most popular website was transport classifieds site, which was viewed more than 191 million times.


About gemiusAudience

gemiusAudience sets a new standard in the presentation of Internet media usage data, competition monitoring, media and campaign planning. Our solution provides you with a dependable source of information and reliable benchmarking of your activity amid your competitors. On the online landscape quick reaction is the key to success and now, with gemiusAudience, you can make better business decisions based on the real digital trends!  

Publicly available gemiusAudience data can be found at -

Meet your Real Users! Lear more about gemiusAudience here

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