Students and graduates play an incredibly important role in our company. Their frankness, dedication and unorthodox approach to the surrounding world allow us to implement innovative technological and research solutions.

More than ten years ago, it were the university graduates who built our company. Today, they are experts in online research and the technology used to carry it out.

To appreciate the role and input of academic circles in building our company, we have created the gemiusAcademy program.

gemiusAcademy program is:

  • Year-long Practice Program that allows students and graduates to make their first professional steps under supervision from an experienced Mentor,
  • IT Academy and Research Academy, which diversify and compliment the university curriculum,
  • Support for students’ science conferences by giving essential speeches,
  • Support for various projects carried out by Students’ Science Clubs,
  • Co-operation with Career Offices at universities
  • Presence at Job Fairs and in student media
  • Collaboration with tertiary education institutions in order to adjust their curriculum to the needs of the market,
  • Inspiring the topics of theses
  • Allowing access to data bases and reports for the use of theses

Foreign students interested in our gemiusAcademy program or participating in the Gemius internship program are requested to contact at

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